New product catalog 2021

We are pleased to launch our revised product catalog 2021. We have expanded our product range in organic solid (BeneSOL) and liquid fertilizers (BeneLIQ) and biostimulants (BeneSTIM).

BeneSOL is Benefert’s solid-product line. Within this selected range of products you will find a wide range of solid organic fertilizers for soil applications. The products can be from plant as well as animal origin, depending on the specific demand in your cultivation.

BeneLIQ is Benefert’s liquid-product line. Within this product line we have a wide range of organic based products, with each its unique characteristic. We have liquid products with a very low organic matter. This results in no or hardly any sediment, which make them very suitable for the use in irrigation systems. We can also offer products with high organic matter, which have a broader spectrum of nutrients, micronutrients and vitamins so they can be used as an easier solution in their carefully selected composition.

BeneSTIM is Benefert’s bio-stimulant-product line. These biostimulants have each its own purpose and effect for an optimal growth curve during the plants development. Because there are a lot of crop specific influences that can reduce the plant’s development we have managed to formulate a portfolio of various options. In this way we can accommodate the best option for your crop. This will help to overcome with abiotic and/or biotic stress.

A new product catalog is now available (scroll down a bit):

Click here for the product catalog in English.

Do you have a question about a product? Or would you like to receive a paper version of the brochure for free? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!

Brochure Benefert

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