BeneLIQ 7-2-3

Liquid Fertilizer

BeneLIQ 7-2-3 is a liquid organic fertilizer, composed of 100% natural products that can increase the plant’s yield and the quality of vegetables, fruits and flowers. Due to the nature of this fertilizer, a quick effect on the soil can be noted.

It can be used as a quick source of nitrogen, during maximum vegetative development and to support the plant recovering from nitrogen deficiency. The product is fully made from vinasse and plant-based amino acids. The ingredients are partly sourced from agricultural waste. Due to the natural origin, the nutrient content may vary.

This fertilizer is certified for use in organic agriculture in compliance with EC 834/2007 and EC 889/2008.

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BeneLIQ 7-2-3 is a liquid organic fertilizer composed
of 100% natural products that can help the plant to
have more yield and a better quality of vegetables,
fruits and flowers. Due to the nature of BeneLIQ
7-2-3 a quick response can be seen in the soil.

Product characteristics

Specific gravity1.23-1.25 kg/liter
Dry matter46%
Organic matter35%
pH5 to 6

Unique characteristics

• Increases resistance against stress conditions
• Prevents mineral deficiency
• Better rooting system
• Higher cellular division

• Better metabolic and enzymatic activity
• Improves soil properties
• Improves soil structure
• Better nutrient absorption


Trace elements

Nitrogen(N total)7,0%
Nitrogen(N organic)6,0%
Nitrogen(N ammonium)1,0%
Iron(Fe)85 mg/kg
Manganese(Mn)20 mg/kg
Zinc(Zn)10 mg/kg
Copper(Cu)5 mg/kg
Boron(B)10 mg/kg
Molybdenum(Mo)<1 mg/kg


Arable crops10 liter/Ha/2 Weeks25-50 liter/Ha/Week
Vegetable crops10 liter/Ha/Week25-100 liter/Ha/Week
Tree nursery5-10 liter/Ha/2 Weeks10-50 liter/Ha/Week
Fruit growing3-5 liter/Ha/Week25-100 liter/Ha/Week
Horticulture10 liter/Ha/Week25-100 liter/Ha/Week

*Dosages apply for fertilizer to be used as an additional fertilizer for field cultivation.
In horticulture, higher dosages are recommended.
Please contact us for information regarding a specific crop.


This fertilizer can be stored for an extended period in a well ventilated place.


This Fertilizer can be delivered as:
• Can 20 liter
• IBC 1000 liter