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Benefert organic fertilizers is a young and dynamic company that believes in sustainable agriculture. 

In essence sustainable agriculture has to be:


The quality of life of farmers, their families and communities is important.


We must preserve the resource base that sustains us all.


If it is not profitable, it is not sustainable.

Advice and organic solutions

Benefert organic fertilizers provides advice and organic solutions for agri- and horticulture purposes. The essence of the products that we provide lies in the word “organic“. We provide organic products for their application in conventional cultivation in order to increase the plants’ resistance and resilience. This contributes to a healthier and more productive cultivation.

We can also provide a total organic package and advice for organic and biological cultivation. Our strengths are:

  • We are an expert in technical innovation and development.
  • What we love and where we excel is researching and investigating the best possible solution.
  • We have a research background and an education in biotechnology with a specialization in plant physiology and bio-chemistry.
  • Through enquiring your needs and wishes we find the most suitable product or solution.
  • We are an expert in beneficial organic fertilizers and biostimulants.

Your obstacle, our challenge.