BeneSTIM ROOTS is an organic biostimulant which contains the micronutrients Mn and Zn. However, the unique formulation of these ingredients embedded in compounds of natural origin leads to this product also having strong bio stimulating properties besides its fertiliser effect.

BeneSTIM ROOTS strongly enhances root growth and root structure, meanwhile stimulating above ground production. The combination of micro-elements, natural nutrients, bio-active carbon, enzymes, vitamins, sugars and secondary metabolites generates remarkable, visible results. BeneSTIM ROOTS can be used on all types of crops.

The interaction with microbes, available organic matter and natural carbon, strongly improves the quality and health of plants and their resilience against diseases. However, this bio-energy and organic matter really becomes functional if the right combination of nutrients is available.

In Soil ROOTS the balance between nutrients and energy containing organic matter has been proven to be optimal for a good, healthy start and a subsequently powerful plant growth.

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Product characteristics

Dry matter40%
Nitrogen (total)3,0%
Organic matter25%
Organic Carbon12%
Phosporus (P2O5)1,5%
Potassium (K2O)4%
pH4,0 to 5,0
Specific gravity1190 kg/m3

Unique characteristics

• Results in a larger and finer root system helping the plant to better perform
• Stimulates above ground growth
• Rich in natural nutrients, low in chlorides and sodium
• Enhances photosynthesis
• Reinforces cell walls

• Supports the action of Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), the molecule protecting the plant against stress related to oxidative damage.
• Contains high amounts of bio-active carbon, the energy source for soil life.


Drip irrigation:
• For ornamentals use 2-3 L/ha wk.
• For intensive horticultural crops dose 5-6 L/ha wk.
• Apply product with the first drip sessions of the day so that the drip lines can be flushed out of organics during the following irrigation sessions.


Spray application:
• For fruit trees use 6-8 L/ha each 4 weeks.
• For row crops apply 6-8 L/ha at planting and 4-6 L/ha 4 weeks after planting.
• Best application times are in the early morning or in the late evening.


BeneSTIM ROOTS is stable when stored under cool and dark conditions. Avoid direct sunlight and frost. It is important that the product is stored under undiluted conditions.


BeneSTIM ROOTS can be delivered as:
• Cans 20 liter
• Barrels 220 liter
• IBC 1000 liter