Biota Nitro 2021

Liquid Fertilizer

Biota Nitro 2021 is a nitrogen fertilizer in organic form that feeds both the plant and the soil life. The nitrogen in Biota Nitro 2021 consists mainly of peptides and amino acids, substances that are essential for the growth of the plant. The amino acids in Biota Nitro are made from plant residue, which means they can be readily used by plants. Despite the high organic matter content, the solution is suitable for use in irrigation systems and drip lines. In addition, Biota Nitro is suitable for foliar fertilization, for example when the plant experiences nitrogen deficiency.

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Product characteristics

Nitrogen (N)10%
Other Water Soluble Nitrogen9,6%
Ammonium-nitrogen (N-NH4)<0,4%
Nitrate-nitrogen (N-NO3)<0.10%
Organic matter<50%
ColourLight brown
pH4.5 - 5.5
Density at 68°F1.18 – 1.22 g/ml

Unique characteristics

• Direct and quick uptake
• Prevents mineral deficiency
• High and quick nitrogen uptake
• Increases resistance against stress conditions

• Higher cellular division
• Better metabolic and enzymatic activity
• Improves soil properties


VegetablesStart for 5 to 6 weeks during development of the first roots. Use weekly during vegetative development, fruit formation and hydric stress.
CottonFirst 5 weeks after planting. Weekly applications from just before bloom until the last bud has developed.
CornStart for 5 to 6 weeks during development of the first roots. 3-4 applications every 7-15 days from bloom until the last bud has developed.
Citrus and fruit treesStart when the first leaves or buds form. Repeat every 7-15 days.
Grapevine and oliveEvery 7-15 days from bloom until fruit development.
OrnamentalStart for 5-6 weeks during development of the first roots. Apply weekly, especially during bud formation.
PotatoDuring development of tubers, especially in sandy soils, and at the end of the vegetative stage.
Foliar application10 – 15 liter/ha (1 – 1.5%)4 - 8 applications
Irrigation Agriculture5 – 10 ml/literWeekly
Irrigation Horticulture2 – 4 ml/liter (8 – 16 mmol)Each watering


Store in original packaging with lid tightly closed.
Store separately from other materials.
Store in dry and dark environment between 50 and 77°F (10 – 25 °C).
Shelf life 1.5 – 2 years.


This fertilizer can be delivered as:
• Bottle 0.25, 0.5, 1.0 liter
• Can 10, 20 liter
• Drum 220 liter
• IBC 1000 liter