BeneLIQ 4-1-3

Liquid Fertilizer

BeneLIQ 4-1-3 is a liquid organic fertilizer composed of 100% natural products that can help the plant to increase growth and stimulate a better development. Due to the nature of BeneLIQ 4-1-3 a strong increase of soil life can be expected.

This liquid fertilizer is a fertilizer with a balanced NPK ratio and a high amount of organic matter. Due to this a strong stimulation of soil life can be seen. This has a positive effect on the rooting system and leads to a better nutrient absorption. This liquid fertilizer is very suited for general growth and development ofvegetative organs. It can be used for many different cultures.The amino acids and other natural molecules present in the BeneLIQ 4-1-3 increase the metabolism and the enzymaticactivity. This liquid fertilizer is fully made from plant-basedmaterials and certified for use in organic agri- and horticulture.Due to the natural origin the nutrient content may vary.

This liquid fertilizer is certified for use in organic agriculture EEG standard 834/2007 and 889/2008.

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BeneLIQ 4-1-3

Product characteristics

Density1.19-1.21 kg/liter
Dry Matter45%
Organic matter35%
pH4,8 to 6

Unique characteristics

– Increases soil life
– Prevents mineral deficiency
– Better rooting system

– Balanced NK ratio of 1:1

– Better metabolic and enzymatic activity
– Stimulates vegetative growth
– Improves soil structure
– Better nutrient absorption

Nutrition values

Nitrogen(N total)4,0%
Nitrogen(N organic)2,8%
Nitrogen(N ammonium)1,2%

Trace elements

Iron(Fe)50 mg/kg
Manganese(Mn)30 mg/kg
Zinc(Zn)4 mg/kg
Copper(Cu)5 mg/kg
Boron(B)4 mg/kg
Molybdenum(Mo)1 mg/kg

Dosage averages

Arable crops10 liter/Ha/2 Weeks25-100 liter/Ha/Week
Vegetable crops10 liter/Ha/Week50-150 liter/Ha/Week
Tree nursery5-10 liter/Ha/2 Weeks10-50 liter/Ha/Week
Fruit growing3-5 liter/Ha/Week25-100 liter/Ha/Week
Horticulture10 liter/Ha/Week50-250 liter/Ha/Week

*Dosages to be used as an additional fertilizer for field cultivation. In horticulture higher dosages arebeing recommended. For a specific crop, please contact us.


This fertilizer can be stored for an extended period in a well ventilated place.


This fertilizer can be delivered as:
– IBC: 1000 litre