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BeneLIQ | Increasing plant health with organic fertilizers

BeneLIQ is Benefert’s LIQuid-product line. Liquid organic fertilizers from Benefert are composed of 100% natural products that can help the plant to have more yield and a better health of vegetables, fruits and flowers. Due to the nature of BeneLIQ a quick response can be seen in the soil.

Within this product line we have a wide range of organic based products, with each its unique characteristic. The amounts of organic matter and nutrients differ per product. The products solve very well in water which make them very suitable for the use in irrigation systems. Also products with high organic matter with an even broader spectrum of nutrients, micronutrients, amino acids, fulvic acids and vitamins are available and again all carefully selected.

The application has a strong effect on soil microbiology which will lead to a great diversity in beneficial bacteria and fungi. These organisms compete with negative soil microbes and, on their turn, will result in more fertility. The interaction with the root surface will result in a more healthy plant which is less sensitive to diseases like pythium and fusarium and also pathogenic nematodes. The chain of processes in the soil will create a better availability of important minerals and trace elements. The BeneLIQ line is well known and used in all kind of different crops. It can be used as a foliar application as well.

The products are certified for use in organic agriculture EC 834/2007 and EC 889/2008 and can be delivered as IBC’s 1000L and nowadays also in cans of 20L.

Below a few important products are shown:

Three reasons to use Organic Liquid Fertilizers:

  • No environmental impact from production compared to chemical fertilizers
  • Helps to prevent soil en plant diseases
  • From nature to nature (closing the circle)

Are you interested in what the BeneLIQ line can do for you?
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