Organic Fertilizers during the growing season

Organic Fertilizers during the growing season

Spring has been cold so far with recent cold conditions experienced throughout several parts of Europe. This makes it worth considering the impact of nutrition on plant tolerance to cold. The role of potassium (K) during frost is widely recognized but the detail behind the mechanism is not always understood. A potash deficiency can lead to an inhibited stomatal activity which results in poor control  over gas exchange which leads to a lesser photosynthesis and water control. This makes plants susceptible to al kind of stresses like drought, frost, water uptake and salt tolerance.

A major function of potassium in plants is the role of osmotic pressure in the cells through the maintenance of a high concentration of potassium in the cell sap. Due to cold temperatures ice crystals can be formed. The plant protects itself by storing sugar and potassium to lower the cells freezing point which keeps the cell function on going and prevents damage. Further a great group of enzymes that play a part in frost resistance are dependent on adequate potassium levels.

To reduce the chance of blossoms freezing, an adequate supply of potassium is needed. A plant also needs potassium for fruiting and fruit filling. BeneSOL 8-0-14 is a potassium-rich fertilizer. Due to the high content of organic potassium, this fertilizer is a good solution at times when the potassium requirement is higher. Especially for generative stages such as fruit development, this fertilizer can be of great value. The available nitrogen is being released over time.

When a quicker application is needed the use of BeneLIQ 3-1-6 functions very well. This liquid fertilizer which contains nitrogen, phosphate and high potassium has bio stimulating properties.

During the vegetative growth of a plant, the liquid organic fertilizer BeneLIQ 7-2-3 is very suitable. BeneLIQ 7-2-3 is a liquid organic fertilizer composed of 100% natural products that can help the plant to have more yield and a better quality of vegetables, fruits and flowers. Due to the nature of this Fertilizer a quick response can be seen in the soil. It can be used as a quick source of organic nitrogen, during maximum vegetative development and to recover from nitrogen deficiency.

These fertilizers are commonly used in horticulture and fruit cultivation.

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We wish you a fruitful spring!

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