BeneSOL 12-0-1

Solid Fertilizer

BeneSOL 12-0-1 is a N-rich organic fertilizer which is high in amino acids, humic acids and other biological stimulants. This product can help to have more yield and a better quality of vegetables, fruits and flowers. Proper fertilization with BeneSOL 12-0-1 prevents deficiency symptoms from Nitrogen in crops during the growth period.

BeneSOL 12-0-1 will establish a better fertility and an increase in organic matter. The use of this product will stimulate microbial activity and takes care of a better symbiose between root and soil microbes. As a result of this, important minerals are de-blocked and therefor better available for the plant.

This product releases its nutrients quickly and therefor a strong effect is being seen in the crop.

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BeneSOL12-0-1 in big bag

Main elements

Nitrogen (N total) 12,0%
Nitrogen (N organic) 5,0%
Nitrogen (N ammonium) 7,0%
Phosphate (P2O5) 0,7%
Potassium (K2O) 1,2%
Magnesium (MgO) 0,5%
Calcium (CaO) 1,0%
Sulfur (SO3) 27,0%
Silicon (SO3) 0,2%

Contains trace elements like Fe, Mn, B, Zn, Cu and Mo.

Unique characteristics

– Contains essential Nitrogen and about 84% organic matter 
– Improves soil structure and soil life 
– Stable Nitrogen level of 12.5% 
– No pathogens, weed seeds, fungi or undesirable bacteria

– Quick starter effect
– Easily and accurately to spread
– Applicable in all types of soil
– Mineral De-blocking effect

Product characteristics

Prill diameter 3-4 mm
Dry Matter 93%
Organic Matter 70%
Humidity 7%
C/N 1,3
pH 3,8

Dosage averages

Tomatoes 600-800 kg
Cucumbers 600-800 kg
Potatoes 500-800 kg
Carrots 600-800 kg
Onions 600-800 kg

Dosages as a basic Nitrogen fertilizer for fieldculture. The quantity depends on the soil and its fertilization. For a specific crop, please contact us.

Cabbage 500-700 kg
Lettuce 500-700 kg
Grapevine 600-800 kg
Strawberries 600-800 kg
Fruit trees 500-1000 kg


This product can be stored for an extended period in a well ventilated place away from moisture.


This product can be delivered as:
– In big bags
– In plastic 25 kg bags