Prills beneSOL 12-0-1

Boost your crop with the organic nitrogen from BeneSOL 12-0-1

We are proud to add a fantastic N-rich product to our product range. BeneSOL 12-0-1 is a N-rich organic fertilizer with biostimulating properties, which is high in amino acids, humic acids and other biological stimulants. The 3-5 mm prills are easily and accurately to spread in all types of soil.

BeneSOL 12-0-1 contains essential Nitrogen (12,5%) and organic matter (84%) for improving soil structure and soil life. The quality of the topsoil is being improved with Amino acids, Humic acids and a range of other vitamins, sugars and fatty acids which are present in this fertilizer. The application of these biomolecules are known to have a positive effect on disease resistance.

The use of this product will stimulate microbial activity and takes care of a better symbiose between root and soil microbes. As a result of this, important minerals are de blocked and therefor better available for the plant. A strong effect on the rooting system is the result. An increase of micro life will also have a decreasing effect on pathogenic root nematodes.

BeneSOL 12-0-1 shows a fast release in nutrients and therefor a strong effect is being seen in the crop. Proper fertilization with BeneSOL 12-0-1 prevents deficiency symptoms from Nitrogen in crops during the growth period. The high amounts of micronutrients and the presence of Glutamic acid can lead to a strong increase of photosynthesis and a good hydric balance of the crop. On its turn this has a very positive effect on evapotranspiration. A good controlled evapotranspiration makes a stable transport of nutrients and micronutrients. Also the continuation of the passive transport, where calcium is strongly involved makes sure that the development and strength of the different organs stays healthy. Calcium connects the different proteins in the cell wall and makes the cell wall strong. Application of Glutamic acid decreases loss in calcium uptake by evaporation problems.

In summary, it is a very nice product with only benefits.

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