Biota Copper 5%

Liquid Fertilizer

Biota Copper 5% is a concentrated single copper fertiliser, based on lignosulphonic acid and part of our liquid organic single fertilizer line. Due to the unique production process, the nutrients are 100% present in the solution and can therefore be taken up directly by the plant. The product is fully made from plant-based materials and certified for use in organic agri- and horticulture. The ingredients are partly sourced from agricultural waste. Due to the natural origin, the nutrient content may vary.

Copper is an essential element in photosynthesis. In the absence of copper, young leaves will curl, hang limp and get a faint blue glow. This is easily prevented by applying a proper fertilization scheme, but can also be corrected by adding extra copper. The correct application of Biota Copper ensures an increased resistance of the plant. This is due to optimum formation of lignin, which ensures a watertight cell wall.

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Biota Copper jerrycan

Product characteristics

Copper (Cu) complexed by ligno-sulphonic acids5%
ColourDark brown
Specific gravity (g/cc)1.21

Unique characteristics

• Very suitable for use in irrigation systems
• Can be administered as leaf fertilizer


It is advised to always have an expert make a fertilization plan and to start with a test application. No guarantees can be given in the event of incorrect use.


Store in a dark and dry location at 10 – 30 °C.
Shelf life 1.5 – 2 years.


This fertilizer can be delivered as:
• Can 10 liter