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Organic farmers earn more money than traditional farmers

Organic farming is becoming an increasingly popular and profitable choice for farmers. According to recent studies, organic farmers have been found to earn more money than traditional farmers.

The balance – the difference between revenues and costs – of organic farms is higher than traditional farms, according to research by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). Organic farms had higher average profits than conventional farms from 2011 to 2020. In 2020, the average profit of an organic farm was 819,000 euros versus 599,000 euros for a conventional farm, a difference of 37 percent.

Proceeds and costs farmers - organic and traditional

This is due to the high demand for organic products, which often command higher prices at market. Additionally, organic farming practices can lead to lower costs, as they rely on natural methods of pest control and fertilization rather than expensive chemical inputs.

Overall, organic farming can be a more sustainable and financially viable option for farmers looking to make a living off of their land. It is clear that the use of organic products, such as organic fertilizers, is becoming increasingly profitable.

Source: and CBS

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