Biostimulants as insurance

Biostimulants as insurance?

With a small investment in Biostimulants, you get more reassurance that your crops are more resilient against abiotic stress coming from external influences like climate change.

A fertilizer feeds the plant, but organic fertilizers also feed and improve the soil. Biostimulants act as a continuous maintenance/protection during the plant’s growth and flowering cycle (like vitamins for humans). The readily available energy enables the plant to withstand a variety of abiotic stresses, such as heat and water stress. Frost, hail and wind damage will also recover much faster with the application of this product.

Good results have been obtained with a treatments during flower setting and fruit development. The unique combination of free amino acids and plant extracts makes the product very suitable to combine with organic fertilizers and plant protection products. This combination leads to better performance.

We have a few biostimulants in our biostimulant-product line, like BeneSTIM Recovery and BeneSTIM Maxvital. These products are certified according to regulation (EU) 2018/848 (organic production).

Which biostimulants best protect or restore your crops? We will be happy to help you find the best solution !

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