BeneSTIM MAXVITAL is a biostimulant that promotes plant stress Recovery. Application of BeneSTIM MAXVITAL will stimulate the plants metabolism pathways and increases photosynthesis activity.

The use also leads to an increased nutrient uptake and an improved efficiency of fertilizer and plant protection treatments. The immediately available energy will give the plant the possibility to cope with all kinds of abiotic stress like heat stress and water stress. Also damages caused by frost, hail and wind will recover much faster by application of BeneSTIM MAXVITAL. Good results are being seen with treatments during flower setting, fruit setting and also fruit development. The unique combination of free amino acids, plant extracts and fulvic acids makes the product very suited to combine with fertilizers and crop protection products. The combination has a soothingly effect.

BeneSTIM MAXVITAL can be used for foliar and for drip irrigation.

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BeneSTIM Maxvital

Product characteristics

Dry matter35%
Nitrogen (total)3,8%
Nitrogen (organic)3,8%
Organic Carbon15%
Total Amino acids23%
Free Amino acids15%
pH4,8 to 5,8
Specific gravity1115 kg/m3

Unique characteristics

• Strong effect during stress recovery which increases crop health
• Directly available energy which supports plant metabolism and photosynthesis
• Increased nutrient uptake and utilization rate
• Contains beneficial plant extracts

• Very high in free amino acids
• Suited for foliar and for irrigation purposes
• Can be combined with crop protection products
• Improved fruit set and quality


Periods in which the crop needs a physiological stimulus, such as:
• Start of the plant vegetative cycle when enough leaf mass is detectable.
• Pre-flowering and petal-falling phase.
• Fruit development.
• General maintenance of metabolism and growth.

Recovery periods:
• Abiotic stress: drought, cold, wind, oxygen shortage rootzone due to excessive rainfall.
• Critical growth periods: transplants and damages due to frost, hail and wind.


Spray application:
• 1,5-5 liter/Ha in 300-1000 liter water.
• Weekly application possible, but advices are every 10-15 days during growth season.
• Best application times are in the early morning or in the late evening.

Drip irrigation:
• 3-10 liter/Ha. Application in the early morning for a maximum uptake and a minium loss.


BeneSTIM MAXVITAL is stable when stored under cool and dark conditions. Avoid direct sunlight and frost. It is important that the product is stored under undiluted conditions.


This fertilizer can be delivered as:
• Can 20 Liter
• Barrels 220 Liter
• IBC 1000 Liter