Organic fertilization for blueberries

The Blueberry is one of the most fast growing crops in the world. It is also becoming the no. 1 soft fruit crop in terms of health. Such an important crop requires a good fertilization plan. Are you working on your fertilization plan for the coming season?

Benefert has developed a total fertilization plan based on organic fertilizers that can be used for Blueberry (year-round). From the beginning of leaf and shoot development until flowering, fruit development and ripening. From fully solid organic fertilizer schedules until fully fertilized fertigation in different organic substrates. In the organic nitrogen products it is possible to choose for more or for less acidifying fertilizers.

Next organic certifications are present: Control Union, NOP USDA, Demeter Int., Demeter Deutschland, Naturland and Soil association.

Download fertilization plan:
Organic Fertilizers – Bleuberries

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