Trial BeneSTIM Recovery on Strawberries

Trial of BeneSTIM Recovery shows good results on strawberries


  • From June 09 till June 29, 2022
  • During fruit filling
  • Mexico


Testing the efficacy and efficiency of BeneSTIM Recovery as a biostimulant in strawberry.


A randomized complete block design with four treatments and four repetitions was used, where the treatments corresponded to three doses of BeneSTIM Recovery and an absolute control. The treatments were randomized. The experimental unit was formed by 2 double row beds of 8 m long and a distance between rows of 1,5 m, which gives an experimental unit of 24 m² and a total area of 384 m² for the total of the experimental ground.


The treatments were done foliar, with the help of a manual sprayer of 15 L capacity, previously calibrated. Foliar dose 3,0 L / Ha for treatments with BeneSTIM Recovery.


  1. Number of fruits – the number of fruits of each plant sampled was counted
  2. Fruit weight – the fruits were weighed with the help of scales
  3. Yield per hectare – It was estimated based on the number and weight of the fruit of each treatment. The density of plantation was taken into account.

The evaluation of the variables was done in a quantitative way, the data obtained in the field.


  • The treatments applied with BeneSTIM Recovery as a biostimulant had positive effects on the variables evaluated: fruit weight and yield per hectare.
  • According to the results obtained, it is recommended to use BeneSTIM Recovery in the doses of 3.0 L / Ha with foliar application every 7 days, having significant statistical differences with the absolute control.
  • Under the conditions in which the trial was developed, the BeneSTIM Recovery product did not show phytotoxic effects in the strawberry crop.


The evaluation of the variablesUntreatedBeneSTIM RecoveryPercentage
2. FRUIT WEIGHT (g)15,3220,36+33%
3. YIELD PER HECTARE (ton/ha)15,4525,08+62%
Strawberries weight

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