The world economy is not sustainable due to the Coronavirus

The world economy is not sustainable due to the Coronavirus

As we write this article, it is the end of June 2021. A time when we are seeing the positive developments of a lesser degree of covid-19 infections, fewer fatal cases, more relief from government restrictions on covid-19 and we are getting more and more freedom. So light at the end of the tunnel. At least, in that respect…

What’s behind that door of possible exemption from covid? Are we going to go back to business as usual, like in late 2019, when covid was still that “incident in China”. We have now had a good lesson in global effects of incidents around the world. Like the Ever Given ship in Suez, for example, which crippled all trade in an instant. Still many containers are not back from collection because we did not have the manpower and transportation to repatriate them back to the ports in time. The consequences are higher transportation rates.


The price and availability of raw materials and goods has also changed a lot around the world. Factories reduced or even stopped production during the pandemic. But the demand for various products has actually increased rapidly now, think for example of soy, wood and oil. That is why prices are also going up here. This requires a different economy and a different way of investing, so that in the future we become less dependent on risky and limited raw materials and products.


As countries and continents become more interdependent, we will all pay for the consequences of the pandemic as well. Yes, we saved money because we couldn’t spend it. But please know that we will still need this money desperately in the time to come. We’re not back to normal yet.

Or better, that we have learned from this pandemic and are creating a better and more sustainable and regenerated world. We cannot remain selfish, because we can only do this together.

All for a healthy future for our children and a healthier world!

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