Osmo Hairmeal Plus

Solid Fertilizer

Osmo Hairmeal Plus is an organic fertilizer that will contribute to soil organic matter and soil fertility. The mix of organic raw materials makes for a sophisticated compound fertilizer with a controlled release of nutrients over time.

The period of releasing nutrients lasts from a minimum of 90 up until 120 days. Osmo Hairmeal Plus is an N-rich fertilizer with a controlled release of Nitrogen. Due to the high amount of nitrogen, the development of roots, leaves, stems and vegetative organs can be stimulated. Osmo Hairmeal Plus is commonly used as a very effective N source in biological agriculture. The fertilizer is also very well suited to be used complementary to other fertilizers.

Osmo Hairmeal Plus is certified for use in organic agriculture in compliance with EC 834/2007 and EC 889/2008.

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Product characteristics

Pellet diameter4 mm
Organic matter80%
Nitrogen (N total)13,6%
Nitrogen (N organic)13,6%

Raw materials

Meat bone meal10%

Unique characteristics

• High N fertilizer with a slow release
• Effective for use in organic farming
• High in organic matter

• Can be used complementary to other fertilizers
• Listed by FIBL Germany

Dosage averages

Arable land vegetables1000-1500 kg/ha
Trees3-5 kg/tree
Horticulture1000-2500 kg/ha
Garden1000-1500 kg/ha
Sports and lawns500-1500 kg/ha

* please contact us for information regarding a specific crop.


Storage in a well ventilated place away from moisture.


This product can be delivered as:
• Big bags from 500 kg
• 25 kg bags