BeneSOL CHAMP 3-4-3

Solid Fertilizer

BeneSOL CHAMP 3-4-3 is an organic solid fertilizer that can support the plant and lead to a higher yield and a better quality of vegetables, fruits and flowers. Proper fertilization with BeneSOL CHAMP 3-4-3 prevents deficiency symptoms in crops during the growth period.

The organic-mineral fertilizer BeneSOL CHAMP 3-4-3 contains sulfur and can be applied in both agricultural as horticultural crops. It is well suited for cultivation of Sulphurloving crops (rapeseed, cereals), because in addition to the basic NPK components, it contains a large amount of highlyabsorbable sulfur. The fertilizer also contains a lot of magnesium (the main component of chlorophyll).

Also, the high availability of trace elements stimulates the plant in every single physiological stage. This can result in a better and more vigorous fertilization, flower set and fruit set!

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Bigbag BeneSOL CHAMP 3-4-3

Nutrition values

Nitrogen(N total)3,0%

Trace elements

Iron(Fe)2200 mg/kg
Manganese(Mn)240 mg/kg
Zinc(Zn)150 mg/kg
Copper(Cu)35 mg/kg
Boron(B)20 mg/kg
Molybdenum(Mo)4 mg/kg

Unique characteristics

• 100% organic and ecological
• Contains all important nutrients and min. 40% organic matter
• High in humus
• Improves soil structure and soil life
• Value NPK: 3-4-3 (+ 6 MgO)
• With calcium, magnesium and rich in trace elements

• No pathogens, weed seeds, fungi or undesirable bacteria
• Sustained steady release of nutrients
• No burning of roots or leaves thanks to a low ammonia content
• Easily and accurately to spread
• Applicable in all types of soil
• Mineral De-blocking effect

Product characteristics

Pellet diameter6 mm
Dry mattermin. 85%
Organic mattermin 40%
Humiditymax. 15%
Densityapprox. 750 kg/m³
Electric Conductivity25 mS/cm 25°C

Dosage averages

Arable land vegetables1.500-2.000 kg /ha
Trees4-8 kg/tree
Horticulture2.500-3.000 kg /ha
Garden3.000-6.000 kg/ha

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BeneSOL CHAMP 3-4-3 can be stored for an extended period in a well ventilated place away from moisture.


BeneSOL CHAMP 3-4-3 can be delivered as:
• Bulk
• Big bags 1.250 kg