Biota Boron 4.7%

Liquid Fertilizer

Biota Boron is a concentrated boron micronutrient and part of our liquid fertiliser line. Due to the unique production process, the nutrients are 100% present in the solution and can therefore be taken up directly by the plant. The product is allowed for use in organic agri- and horticulture.

Biota Boron is important for transporting assimilates in the plant and has an important role in cell division. It ensures a stronger attachment of the fruit and supports the formation of shoots. Boron regulates the calcium absorption. The lack of boron resembles iron deficiency. The shelf life of bamboo is improved using boron. This technique is used widely. Boron is easily captured on heavy soils such as clay. On light soils it is easily rinsed out.

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Biota Boron jerrycan

Product characteristics

Boron (B)4.7%
ColourTransparent – Light yellow
pH13.5 - 14
Specific gravity (g/cc)1.40

Unique characteristics

• Suitable for use in irrigation systems
• Can be administered as leaf fertilizer
• Improves the color intensity of the flower

• Promotes enzymatic processes in the plant
• Promotes the growth of the crop


VegetablesAfter planting + during fruit development (fruit setting)
CottonAfter planting + during fruit development (fruit setting)
CornAfter planting + during fruit development (fruit setting)
Citrus and fruit treesAfter planting + during fruit development (fruit setting)
Grapevine and oliveAfter planting + during fruit development (fruit setting)
OrnamentalAfter planting + during the development of the flower
PotatoAfter planting + during fruit development (fruit setting)
IRRIGATION6 – 10 l/haUp to 4 – 6 applications or follow recipe
FOLIAR APPLICATION5 – 10 cc/literUp to 4 – 6 applications


Store in original closed container.
Store in a dark and dry location at -10 – 30 °C.
Shelf life 1.5 – 2 years.


This fertilizer can be delivered as:
• Can 10 liter