The vital role of potassium during fruit development of Grapes!

One of the most vital elements in plants is potassium. The function of potassium at fruit development is sometimes underestimated. Next to potassium, nitrogen is very important for the maintenance of growth, the production of amino acids and proteins. The BeneSOL 8-0-14+3 MgO contains both elements in the right ratio to stimulate flower and fruit development.

The element potassium has many functions within the plant. Potassium is involved in water management and the transport of elements in the plant. In particular, the transport of nitrogen and sugars through the plant are partly influenced by the presence of potassium which acts in the root as a counter-ion to negatively charged elements such as nitrogen. Furthermore, potassium takes care of osmosis because it is present in the cellular fluid of the plant. This allows for the regulation of evaporation. Potassium further ensures that various reactions are carried out in the cells.

Finally, potassium is very important for fruit development and its coloration. Before the dry matter is built up in the fruit, enormous amounts of potassium are absorbed. Potassium deficiencies result in smaller fruits and thinner cells. The plant is weaker and therefore more susceptible to diseases. A good potassium supply is of vital importance.

In practice, when using higher doses of potassium sulphate, burning sometimes occurs. For this reason, there is the option of choosing an organic potassium source. BeneSOL 8-0-14 is a compound organic fertilizer with 3% magnesium. The nitrogen potassium ratio of 1:2 makes the BeneSOL 8-0-14 a suitable product to apply when a large potassium demand arises. The nitrogen and potassium in BeneSOL 8-0-14 are being released slowly. BeneSOL 8-0-14 can be applied at the beginning of leaf and shoot development until fruit development.

BeneSOL 8-0-14 is certified for Control Union, FiBL, Demeter Int., Demeter Germany, Ecovin and Naturland.

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