Organic matter for a good condition of the soil

Organic matter for a good condition of the soil

Weather extremes are becoming more common around the world and climate change seems to be the cause. So it is becoming increasingly important to keep the soil in good condition with organic matter.

For example, it was nearly 50 degrees in Canada causing the soil to dry out extremely, crops to go barren resulting in fires. On 20 July 2021, extreme rainfall (600 mm/24 hours) in parts of China. A week earlier, heavy rainfall (150 mm/24 hours) in parts of Europe. The huge amount of water had washed away soil and swept away houses. There were many injuries and deaths. The damage is unaccountable.

In addition to soil fertility, the condition of the soil is becoming increasingly important in the future. Soils with high organic matter are more resistant to extreme weather conditions, such as drought and flooding. Because there is a lot of organic matter in the soil, rainwater will be absorbed better. The water in the soil is also retained longer, just like a sponge. So this gives benefits not only to crops, but to the whole society!

Therefore Benefert chooses organic fertilizers with a high level of organic matter for a better condition of the soil.

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