European organic market grew 8%

European organic market grew 8%

The organic market in Europe continues to grow. In 2019, it increased by another 8 percent. Some markets enjoyed double-digit growth rates.

In Europe, 16.5 million hectares of farmland were organic in 2019. The organic farmland increased by over 0.9 million hectares in Europe and by over 0.8 million hectares in the European Union, representing an increase of 5.9 percent each. Growth was slower than in 2018 but higher than in the first years of the past decade. In Europe, consumers spent €56 on organic food per person annually. Per capita, consumer spending on organic food has doubled in the last decade.

There were almost 420,000 organic producers in Europe (European Union: almost 330,000), and the largest numbers were in Turkey (almost 80,000) and Italy (more than 69,000). The number of producers grew by 5.4% in Europe (7.2% in the European Union) in 2018.

Benefert provides organic solutions and advice for agri- and horticulture purposes. The essence of the products that we provide lies in the word “organic”. Benefert beneficial fertilizers is a young and dynamic company that believes in sustainable agriculture. Whether this is by organic cultivation in its purist form, or by combining organic with conventional farming, there are many ways to achieve this. The goal lies within the sustainable use of the nutrient chain and using these in the most efficient way. Benefert from the Netherlands has many organic fertilizers and biostimulants for the biological and ecological cultivation.

The focus on organic products and organic market will increase. It’s more important for a healthy future!

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Source: FiBl

European organic market grew 8%

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