About us

With the growing world population, the climate change and the decrease of available fertile land, feeding the world will be a challenge. Our organic fertilizers products will contribute to conventional and organic farmed soils by maintaining and increasing its fertility. This honest way of growing with respect to the planet will lead to higher yield and to higher quality of fruits, flowers and vegetables. Whether this is by organic cultivation in its purist form, or by combining organic with conventional farming. Every step is one step closer to a more healthier environment.

With a wide portfolio of solid and liquid organic fertilizers and biostimulants we serve all the different crops from vegetables to ornamentals and from soft fruits to arable crops. Our BeneSOL line and the BeneLIQ line are well recognized for their quality to increase soil fertility. Whereby to lead to more healthy plants that can be grown with less chemicals. The BeneSTIM line helps the crops to overcome different sorts of abiotic stress and therefor preventing great losses in yield.

The awareness and demand for residue free crops is growing. Moreover due to this the focus on organic products, which are economically viable, will increase. Organic fertilizers from Benefert are beneficial for the soil, beneficial for the people and beneficial to the world.

Our Mission

Benefert makes sustainable agriculture and horticulture attractive by offering the most beneficial organic fertilizers to create a healthier environment, crops and soil.

Key values

  • Reliable and environmentally friendly business partner
  • Service- and solution oriented
  • Customized organic products and advice
  • Flexible and Quick
  • Fair prices

Our Markets

  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Tree nursery
  • Fruit growing
  • Landscaping (public green, city farming, sports pitches and golf courses)
  • Retail, private label

Who are you dealing with?

Benefert is a Dutch company located in Eindhoven, one of Europe’s most innovating cities. Roel de Rooij, founder and co-owner, started the company in 2018. After crossing paths with Peter Goossens, he discovered that thay have a shared passion. Both wants to contribute to a sustainable agriculture, with the focus on organic fertilizers. This shared passion drove us to join forces and continue as a team.

Team Benefert

Roel’s experience lies fully in the field of organic fertilizers and soil conditioners. Thanks to his skills in business development he was able to establish himself deeply in the world wide agriculture market. With his clear view on things Roel is always looking for the best possible solution without losing sight of the customers best interest.

Peter is the expert for technical innovation and development. Research and investigating the best possible solution is what he loves and does best. Thanks to his research background and education in biotechnology, specialized in plant physiology and bio-chemistry, he is able to assess the actual situation and give you the best solution.

Hopefully you will enjoy our organic fertilizers, service and advice as much as we enjoy offering this to you.

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