N-rich fertilizers for different crops

N-rich fertilizers for different crops

Fertilizers with a high amount of nitrogen are important during the growing season. Nitrogen is the basis for growth and development of vegetative organs like roots, stems and leaves in the plant. The source of the organic nitrogen determines how fast its nitrogen is being released.

Most of these products contain high protein levels which range from 80-90%. These are slow release fertilizers which release their nutrients over a period of 90-120 days. Also high amino acid fertilizers are available. These have typical characteristic to release their nutrients more quickly.

Duration of action of an organic fertilizer is depending on a lot of circumstances. First of all the raw material of which an organic fertilizer is being produced. Second, the soils health, meaning the amount of soil life, the organic matter content together with the amount of moist. They all have an effect on the release of nutrients from organic fertilizers. For many crops we have fertilizer application rates available. For instance for agricultural crops like grains, sugar beets or other carrot crops but also for blueberry and wine grapes. BeneSOL HAIRMEAL PLUS is a popular product and used a lot in the wine grapes.

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Hairmeal and Feathermeal

Benefert has a wide range of N-rich fertilizers suited for all kind of fertilization. BeneSOL HAIRMEAL PLUS and BeneSOL FEATHERMEAL 13N are products that are commonly used in the organic agriculture. The products contain Nitrogen levels between 13-14%. The 4,5 mm pellets are of consistent quality, hardly any dust and easy to spread.

BeneSOL HAIRMEAL PLUS and BeneSOL FEATHERMEAL 13N are approved for all the categories that are being accredited by the FIBL, like the EU 834/2007, Naturland Deutschland, Bioland Deutschland, Demeter Deutschland and Ecovin Deutschland.

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