Trees in Trudo tower

Liquid fertilizers for trees in ‘Trudo tower’ | the Netherlands

In 2021, Eindhoven will have a vertical forest in the form of a spectacular 70-metre-high green residential tower. The ‘Trudo tower’ is completely filled with trees, shrubs and plants. Benefert supplies liquid fertilizers for the trees.

Benefert advises and supplies the liquid organic fertilizers for the trees. A careful trail was carried out and a sophisticated fertilization plan prepared. A special liquid fertilizer from the BeneLIQ range was selected for this project. This fertilizer is exactly filling in the need of the crops present on the tower. The product is fully made from plant-based materials with a low organic matter content. Therefor the product is especially suited for using in irrigation systems and prevents clogging of the system.

In the tower, 125 adult trees, up to 6.5 metres high, and 5,200 bushes and plants, climbers and hangers will be planted. The fertilizers feed a forest that extends upwards. This project is unique in the Netherlands and we are proud to contribute to it!

For more advice about fertilizers for trees, please contact us.


Benefert supplies liquid fertilizers for trees
Liquid fertilizers for trees in trudo toren

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