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Liquid fertilizers Control Union certified

From now on, the BeneLIQ liquid fertilizers are Control Union certified for use in organic farming based on European standards (EEC 834/2007 and 889/2008). This guarantees the quality of our products.

Control Union Certifications offers input approval for organic production. Organic farmers must use authorised substances, and CUC can make an input evaluation based on the official requirements for fertiliser or plant protection producing companies.

Organic farming is part of an extensive supply chain, which also includes food processing, distribution and retailing. To be suitable for organic markets, the whole chain of organic production needs to be inspected and certified. Once all requirements are fulfilled, the certificate can be issued and the organic logo can be used on the certified products.

Our vegetal based BeneLIQ liquid fertilizers are also certified and/or registered by FiBL, Control Union, TÜV Nord and Ecocert for the use in;

  • EEC 834/2007 & 889/2008
  • Demeter International and Deutschland,
  • Bioland Deutschland
  • Ecovin Deutschland
  • Naturland Deutschland

Benefert’s Liquid-product line have a wide range of organic based products, with each its unique characteristic. We have liquid products with a very low organic matter. This results in no or hardly any sediment, which make them very suitable for the use in irrigation systems. We can also offer products with high organic matter, which have a broader spectrum of nutrients, micronutrients and vitamins so they can be used as an easier solution in their carefully selected composition.

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BeneLIQ liquid fertilizers are Control Union certified

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