Delay in entering animal by-products in the Fertilizing Product Regulation (FPR)

The fertilizing products regulation (EU) 2019/1009 treats the use of animal by-products in EU fertilizing products. The FPR was agreed in 2019 and the commission was mandated to start defining appropriate animal by-products in 2020. Although the FPR will be active from 16 July 2022 the category, CMC 10, that handles animal by-products remains empty. However the use of animal by-products is an important contribution to the Circular Economy.

Since 2016 contribution to the circular economies became much more important because the draft of the Fertilizing products regulation was published. Within the European Union clear goals have been set to provide a regulatory framework easing access to the international market for such fertilizers. This means using raw materials in the EU from domestic or secondary sources and using and transforming them into fertilizers.

The industry is now urgently seeking guidance for placing animal-derived component materials on the Fertilizer market under the EU Fertilizing products (FPR). Next to adding the information to category 10 in the regulation also the use of animal by-products in composts, digestates and certain other fertilizing product materials raise questions.

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