Biota Ammon 10%

Liquid Fertilizer

Biota Ammon 10% is unique because of it being the highest concentrated liquid biological single fertilizer on the market. Due to the unique production process, the nutrients are 100% present in the solution and can therefore be taken up directly by the plant (50% in 8 to 12 minutes). It can be used as a quick source of nitrogen, during maximum vegetative development and to recover from nitrogen deficiency. The product is fully made from plant-based materials and certified for use in organic agri- and horticulture. The ingredients are partly sourced from agricultural waste. Due to the natural origin, the nutrient content may vary.

To be used as a supplement to nitrogen in the soil or as a replacement when the soil contains at least 3% organic matter. Repeated applications of Azotobacter nitrogen fixating bacteria can be reduced by using Biota Ammon 10%.

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Biota Ammon jerrycan

Product characteristics

Organic matter<6%
ColourLight brown
pH7.5 – 8.5
Specific gravity (g/cc)1.18 – 1.22

Unique characteristics

• Direct and quick uptake
• Prevents mineral deficiency
• High and quick nitrogen uptake
• Increases resistance against stress conditions

• Higher cellular division
• Better metabolic and enzymatic activity
• Improves soil properties


VegetablesStart for 5 to 6 weeks during development of the first roots. Use weekly during vegetative development, fruit formation and hydric stress.
CottonFirst 5 weeks after planting. Weekly applications from just before bloom until the last bud has developed.
CornStart for 5 to 6 weeks during development of the first roots. 3-4 applications every 7-15 days from bloom until the last bud has developed.
Citrus and fruit treesStart when the first leaves or buds form. Repeat every 7-15 days.
Grapevine and oliveEvery 7-15 days from bloom until fruit development.
OrnamentalStart for 5-6 weeks during development of the first roots. Apply weekly, especially during bud formation.
PotatoDuring development of tubers, especially in sandy soils, and at the end of the vegetative stage.
IRRIGATION10 – 15 l/haUp to 4-8 applications


Store in a dark and dry location at 10 – 25 °C.
Shelf life 1.5 – 2 years.
Keep closed in storage. Nitrogen can evaporate when container is left opened, limiting its shelf life.


This fertilizer can be delivered as:
• Bottle 0.25, 0.5, 1.0 liter
• Can 10, 20 liter
• Drum 220 liter
• IBC 1000 liter