Chemical fertilizers vs organic fertilizers


There is no better time to choose for sustainable fertilizers

Since the war between Russia and Ukraine, the availability of energy (gas and oil) has been extremely reduced. The gas tap from Russia to Europe (Nord Stream 1) has also recently been shut off and as a result, gas prices have increased again by over 30%.

At the same time, the demand for raw materials and energy has risen sharply as many companies have to repair the damage caused by the corona pandemic. This has led to a worldwide shortage of raw materials and the prices for nitrogen, phosphate and potassium continue to rise. Transportation costs are also high due to high fuel prices and there is a severe shortage of truck drivers.

Unfortunately, the situation is not expected to change soon. Russia will start to put even more pressure on Europe with its (energy) war. The result of all this is that the fertilizer factories are reducing the production of chemical fertilizer or even closing it down completely. This is because the production of fertilizer requires a lot of gas. On the map you can see per country which factories produce less or are even closed.

Chemical fertilizer productions

BUT… all this can bring something good of the sustainable way. With this price increase of chemical fertilizers and in order to better guard against the consequences of climate change(!) it becomes even more sensible to replace them (partly) with sustainable fertilizers. In short, there is no better time to choose sustainable fertilizers!

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