BeneSOL 12.5

Solid Fertilizer

BeneSOL 12.5 is an N-rich organic solid fertilizer that can help the plant to have more yield and a better quality of vegetables, fruits and flowers. Proper fertilization with BeneSOL 12.5 prevents deficiency symptoms from nitrogen in crops during the growth period.

BeneSOL 12.5 will establish a better fertility and an increase inorganic matter. The use of BeneSOL 12.5 will increase microbial activity. This takes care of a better symbiose between root and soil microbes. As a result of this, important minerals are deblocked and therefor better available for the plant. By means of a gradual release pattern, the plant can take its nutrients when needed.

This fertilizer is listed for Ecovin, Naturland Deutschland and is certified for use in organic agriculture EC 834/2007.

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Organic fertilizers

Nutrition values

Nitrogen(N total)12,5%
Nitrogen(N organic)12,5%

Unique characteristics:

– 100% organic and ecological
– Contains essential Nitrogen and about 84% organic matter
– Improves soil structure and soil life
– Stable Nitrogen level of 12.5%
– No pathogens, weed seeds, fungi or undesirable bacteria

– Sustained steady release of nutrients
– No burning of roots or leaves thanks to 100% organic Nitrogen
– Easily and accurately to spread
– Applicable in all types of soil
– Mineral De-blocking effect

Product characteristics

Pellet diameter4 mm
Dry Matter91%
Organic matter70%

Dosage averages

Tomatoes600-800 kg/Ha
Cucumbers600-800 kg/Ha
Potatoes500-800 kg/Ha
Carrots600-800 kg/Ha
Unions600-800 kg/Ha
Cabbage500-700 kg/Ha
Lettuce500-700 kg/Ha
Grapevine600-800 kg/Ha
Strawberries600-800 kg/Ha
Fruit trees800-1000 kg/Ha

Dosages as a basic Nitrogen fertilizer for fieldculture. The quality depends on the soil and its fertilization. For a specific crop, please contact us.


The fertilizer can be stored for an extended period in a well ventilated place away from moisture.


The fertilizer can be delivered as:
• In big bags from 500 kg.
• In plastic 25kg bags.