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Unique characteristics of liquid organic fertilizer BeneLIQ 3-1-6

We would like to highlight a very interesting product, namely BeneLIQ NPK 3-1-6. This liquid organic fertilizer has very unique characteristics and an interesting price.

The BeneLIQ 3-1-6 is 100% organic and ecological. It contains all important nutrients and about 37% organic matter. This has a positive and strong effect on soil microbiology. The presence of amino acids, vitamins, humic and fulvic acids, polysaccharides and nutrients makes a vital crop which is less sensitive for diseases.

This liquid organic fertilizer is also suitable for crops that demand a high rate of potassium and trace elements, with a strong stimulation of flowering and fruit setting. It’s applicable in all types of soil and can be used for spraying and for drip irrigation or sprinkling.

In summary, it’s a special product. For more information or price request, please contact.

IBC BeneLIQ 3-1-6

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